These lightweight fixtures have a remote extension cable and high output ballast and include individual lamp controls.
We offer both two-foot and four-foot versions in single, double and four-lampdesigns.
These fixture components are completely interchangeable with other brands fixtures on the market. They can also be used to repair or replace missing components from other fixtures.
FIXTURE The heads are a lightweight aluminum and heavy gauge coroplast design. Available with a swivel ball mount or a rigid baby pin. The hinge system is a rugged design that allows the doors to be adjusted in any position.
BALLAST Flicker-free high output ballast with individual lamp control ballast housing is formed aluminum with a powder coat finish. 120 VAC/60Hz or 230 VAC/50 Hz.
LAMPS Any T-12 bi-pin type lamp including our Flo-Co 32K or digital type lamps are mounted with spring clips and have slip-on lamp connectors.
ACCESSORIES Removable egg crate.